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Who is ProQuartz? Part 1

Spread across three branches nationally, we are a company that consists of and is driven by, a close-knit group of people who have a collective passion for growing and serving this amazing industry.

ProQuartz was born from the vision of two dynamic role players in the industry. The aim then, and still is today, is to offer a premium product at competitive prices, all the while maintaining high levels of quality and service excellence.

At ProQuartz we hold fast to our four pillars of Honesty, Integrity, Transparency and Quality.

Over the last decade, we have grown by expanding our ranges and products, while never compromising our service and client relationships. Our family ethos runs throughout, extending to our valued clients and beyond.

We have three dynamic brands to proudly showcase - ProQuartz, SIGMAquartz and SapienStone, with over 30 colours of quartz and 40 varieties of porcelain on offer.

Our national showrooms are open to all clients who would like to view the full slabs and choose their favourite colours. We encourage you to come through and experience the wonder in person. One of our dedicated team members is always ready to welcome and assist you.

For more on us and our products, please visit us at and stay tuned for more in part 2 of our ProQuartz journey.

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