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Largest slabs on the market: 3200mm x 1600mm

Lifetime Limited Residential Warranty*

Cost-effective and environmentally friendly

Eternally durable, timeless beauty

Rare Combination

ProQuartz offers a rare combination of superior aesthetics, versatility and unsurpassed strength in all its quartz products, where elegance and beauty meet functionality and lasting durability.

The New Worry-free Alternative

ProQuartz countertops are the new worry-free alternative to high-maintenance worktops. They are harder than marble and granite, require no resealing, are highly resistant to scratches and stains and come in a huge variety of colours.

Perfect For Many Applications

ProQuartz quartz products are perfect for splashbacks, bathroom vanities, furniture, wall cladding and flooring and add timeless elegance and contemporary aesthetic appeal to the home, the office and commercial applications such as hotels and apartments.

Naturally Hard

Quartz is naturally hard and scratch-resistant, ranking a score of 7.0 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, which is used to measure the scratch-resistance of a material. Only diamonds (ranking 10), topaz and sapphire are harder than quartz.