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Terrazzo... a revived 70s trend or here to stay?

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to walk on a Venetian palace floor? Well, now you can, without the plane ticket. Terrazzo is taking the interior design world by storm and this centuries-old fashion is coming back with a bang. Most commonly used as flooring in Venetian palaces and villas, the original terrazzo was made up of chipped pieces of marble, glass and quartz bonded to a cement bed and polished and was derived from the art of mosaic.

One of the most well-known installations of terrazzo flooring is on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The terrazzo style very quickly moved out from under our feet to a whole host of other applications down to paper plates and wallpapers. The style returned in 2016 and has surpassed its obvious applications of flooring and become a stylish, confetti-like pattern which has inspired designers of all walks. Following this trend is the newest edition to our SapienStone range; Il Veneziano collection made up of 3 contemporary, terrazzo-style colours.

Seminato Candido and Seminato Nero kitchen installation

Under the Il Venezione Collection, you will find 3 colours to choose from, in both natural and polished finishes to best suit your design aspirations. And it doesn’t stop there! These colours are also our first true full-body colours, with the fantastic speckles of colour running through the entire thickness of our slabs, allowing for the most natural and complete look for your counter or tabletops. So while our terrazzo look-alikes are not a true terrazzo, we can offer you the beauty of the playful, geometric patterns of terrazzo, along with all the benefits of SapienStone which include superior durability as well as heat, UV and scratch resistance.

The Seminato Beige is the most traditional of the three colours available with shades of red, pink, and yellow accompanied by darker flecks. It is also the warmest of the three and brings a welcoming atmosphere to any room.

Seminato Beige island installation paired with SapienStone Rovere Buckskin

As the lightest of the three, Seminato Candido is the modernised terrazzo with a white background and shades of black, white, beige and grey. It contrasts spectacularly with the darkest Il Veneziano, the Seminato Nero to create an elegant and colourful space, without being overwhelming.

Seminato Nero and Seminato Candido contrast elegantly

The best part: SapienStone surfaces are made from natural raw materials and produced using sustainable processes in zero-emission facilities. Any processing waste is put back into the production cycle, whilst at the end of their working life, the countertops are recyclable, similar to the original process of creating terrazzo flooring with “left-overs” and off-cuts.

If you were to ask us, here at SapienStone, we expect the terrazzo style to remain trendy for a while longer while designers explore and experiment with it in new and exciting ways. Similarly, we will do the same with our Il Veneziono Collection.

To see more about the Il Veneziano Collection, click here.

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